Why Become a Foster?

ACAT has no facility; all of its felines are housed in the homes of  volunteers.

Feline lovers in many different circumstances can provide safe and loving foster homes for the displaced kitties who are sheltered by ACAT,

including people who:


  • Have a strong desire to rescue, care for and help find homes for the many displaced or dumped cats in Southcentral Alaska and beyond.
  • Have an unused room or other space in their home for housing foster kitties.
  • Cannot permanently adopt a cat in their present circumstance, but who love the company of one or more kitties.
  • Understand the great need for foster homes and are willing to open their homes and hearts to a cat on an indefinite short- or long-term basis.
  • Enjoy kittens but do not want to raise another cat.
  • Have special skills to help special-needs and/or medically compromised cats.
  • Would teach their children to be giving and responsible adults by helping animals in need.

About Fostering

Approved medical care for ACAT foster kitties is paid for by ACAT.  ACAT provides other medicines and supplies, as needed. Foster caregivers are provided food and litter, as well as other necessities. ACAT fosters are expected to

  • Treat the foster kitties much like members of their family.
  • Follow ACAT's guidelines and mandates on medical and other care of the felines, including the vaccination schedule, deworming. schedule, weight checks, and adoption requirements.
  • Keep the foster cat safe from children, other animals, and indoors.
  • Help promote the foster cats by supplying photographs and biographies of the kitties for the website, and using other means (Craig's List, social media, posters, etc.) to help find homes for the felines.
  • Transport the cats to adoption clinics and medical appointments, as needed.
  • Communicate on a regular and as-needed basis with the foster care coordinators on the condition and status of any felines in their care.

For more complete information on fostering for ACAT, contact ACAT at 982-2228, submit a volunteer-fostering application online, or visit with an ACAT representative at an adoption clinic.

Without a foster home, these cats might not have found a home

Become a foster today!

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