Connacht & Reb  — Cat-fostering canines

Connacht & Reb — Cat-fostering canines


No one told Connacht that sighthounds do not like cats. The 145-pound Irish wolfhound spent his nearly 11 years of life helping raise foster kittens and teaching them to love dogs.

Connacht got his start raising kittens in 2006 for a rescue in Alaska, for whom his human volunteered. Later, his human help start Alaska Cat Adoption Team, and Conn’s workload multiplied as they fostered 100 or more kittens each year. When they moved to Michigan, the work continued with a rescue there, where he fostered dozens more kittens since 2013.

Love can’t sustain a failing heart, and with his three own kitties hovering around him, all former fosters, Conn died on March 29, 2017. He will be remembered as a giant dog with a huge heart, and a true canine volunteer for feline rescue.


A neurotic Weimaraner might not be an obvious choice as a companion for foster kittens, but Reb, rescued from a near-24/7 existence in a small kennel, proved to be a fine fostering dog. While his friend Conn did best with kittens at least 8 weeks old, Reb nurtured dozens of very young kittens, with his soft tongue and uncharacteristic patience.

Just shy of his 7th birthday, on June 2, 2017, stomach torsion abruptly ended Reb’s life. Like Conn, he leaves a legacy of kitty-loving dogs, thanks to his foster caregiving.