Willa is a gray and white spayed female adult. She is tentative. See full bio below.


About this Cat

Willa is a long-haired gray and white spayed female, born June 2014 and rescued with her litter of four in the Wasilla area in March 2015.  She was apparently mistreated as a kitten and later abandoned outside, became pregnant, and was taken in by a very caring male individual when her kittens were very young.

Willa is very sweet but shy. She allows petting, brushing and limited holding. Willa has her vaccines, deworming, and ear mite treatment. She has been spayed, leukemia tested and microchipped. She enjoys the company of other cats, and the undemanding company of humans. Willa is in Chugiak with Barb. Reach Barb at 863-1178 or contact ACAT at 982-2228, if interested in learning more about Willa.