Tess is a white and brown tabby spayed female teen kitten. Her sister is Mariah. They would like to be homed together.

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About this Cat

Tess is a spayed female with medium-length base white fur with dark tabby patches, born 6/17/2018.  She has green-gold eyes and a dark slash between her right eye and muzzle.  Initially shy, Tess has done a 180 and determined that people are there to pet and hold her. She will follow one around demanding attention and enjoys quiet lap time with a great purr.

Tess loves chasing and rough housing with her sister, Mariah. She loves playing with strings and can often be caught looking out the window. Tess would do great in any household, but would especially enjoy the company of Mariah.  She has had her kitten shots, is spayed and microchipped. She is fostered in Anchorage.

To learn more about Tess, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228. Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application.

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