Kenji is a sealpoint Siamese mix neutered male adult. He is a bit tentative. See his full bio below.

About this Cat

Kenji is a handsome sealpoint snowshoe Siamese mix adult with gorgeous blue eyes and a nice long coat. He was trapped as a kitten in the fall of 2013, almost too old to tame. We estimate him born about July of 2013. He has steadily progressed to being a loving, head bumping cuddler and he would do fine in a quiet home with the company of his brother Taji, or another friendly cat buddy. He loves to sleep on the bed (all ACROSS the bed, actually), play with any fun cat toy and sprawl out on the floor nearby to keep you company. Kenji escaped foster care and survived being outside for 69 DAYS before we managed to catch him—he now has a renewed appreciation for the comforts of home and steady canned food! And oddly enough, it seems to have made him friendlier :>)Kenji is up to date on vaccines, neutered and microchipped. For more information or to visit him, please call Linda at 688-4898 or 632-4797 or contact ACAT at 982-2228.

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