Lending A Helping Paw


Jet is a longer haired black male neutered teen. He is offered through ACAT’s Lending A Helping Paw program.  His brothers are Domino and Jay-Jay. See Jet’s bio below.


About this Cat

Jet is a medium-to-long haired black neutered male teen kitten with a bit of gray under his chin and silver hairs sprinkled over his body. He was born early in 2017. He is being presented here as part of ACAT’s Lending a Helping Paw program.

A very sweet ankle wrapper, Jet is a semi-lap guy in charge of the mischief patrol with his siblings, Domino and Jay-Jay. Jet knows his name and usually comes when called, especially when it’s time for getting brushed. Jet enjoys getting his chest and tummy brushed if gently done.

Jet has soft paws and rarely has his claws out, but can if he feels trapped. When wanting attention he will give a quiet re-oow by your side until he gets picked up and given attention. Occasionally he will give kisses and stand on my chest if I lean back while petting him. He loves attention and will immediately start to purr when stroking his head, chin and cheeks. If put down before he is ready Jet will stand on his hind feet, with paws on the top of your leg asking for more lovies.

Jet is very curious and needs to be watched closely around open doors of appliances and closets as he wants to see what is inside. He and his two siblings love to play chase around the cat trees, through the kitchen, down the hall, under the couch and back over the cat trees again. Jet especially likes the open circle with the ball, little toy mice and small wads of paper to chase and play keep away.

Oh, if he gets up on something he shouldn’t, a gentle “get down” in a gentle voice is all he has ever needed. You might have to walk over and move him, but he has NEVER needed to have anyone raise their voice to him. He is very intelligent and seems to know what you are saying to him.

Jet has always been around other cats and it’s important, if possible, to have other cat buddies for play and security as he has never been without other cats in his life.

Jet is current with his shots, rabies vaccination, microchipped and neutered.

For more information contact Trish in Wasilla 907-373-6409 or ACAT at 907-982-2228. Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application.

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