Lending A Helping Paw


Jay-Jay is an all-black, medium-to-long haired neutered male teen kitten. He is shy. His brothers are Domino and Jet. They are Lending-A-Helping Paw cats. See Jay-Jay’s bio below.


About this Cat

Jay-Jay is a handsome boy born early in 2017. His dark black fur shines in the sun as a dark mahogany with a touch of single silver hairs scattered over his body. Jay-Jay is presented here as an Lending-A-Helping Paw kitty, a program where ACAT helps kitties not in its care find homes.

Although still a bit shy and easily frightened he is really working toward trusting humans and has improved so much.

A very sweet ‘fraidy boy with tilted ears and eyes that are a bit crossed. Jay-Jay needs someone with a huge amount of love and patience to bring out his special talents and loving personality. Jay-Jay currently would not do well with young children. Loud and sudden noises put him into a terrified run. Jay-Jay needs to be approached slowly to keep him at ease. If he is unsure he will move just out of reach and make you take the steps needed to get close. He has started to flop over on his side and wait for you to gently pet him. Saying “it’s okay” in a gentle voice has helped to lessen his fear. He can be picked up if you place a hand under his chest and put his hindquarters in the crook of your arm while carrying him.

Jay-Jay enjoys the kitty toys, cat trees, chase the shadow, circle with the ball in it and grabbing the fur on the stick. At brushing time he waits his turn while playing in the covers on the bed. Keeping his claws in during play is still a work in progress so care must be taken. Jay-Jay is still a bit tentative and enjoys watching what is going on before he joins in the fun as his confidence grows.

He has always been around other cats and his siblings Domino and Jet are his usual full- time companions for play, naps and bed time. Please consider his siblings as possible companions as he has never been alone. It is important for him to have other cat buddies around for play and security as he has never been without other cats in his life.

Jay-Jay is current with his vaccinations, rabies, microchipped and neutered. For more information please call Trish at 1-907-373-6409 or ACAT at 907-982-2219. Please also fill out ACAT’s pre-adoption application, which will be forwarded to the person re-homing the cat.

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