Lending A Helping Paw



About this Cat

Ella, aka Ella Bella, aka Chubba, is a very sweet young adult medium-haired white and gray spayed female.  She is presented here as a Lending A Helping Paw kitty who needs to be rehomed.

As you can tell from the pictures, Ella knows how to kick back and relax and loves to lay in front of the fireplace! She is really great with our daughters, loves to play with our other kitty in the house and is just an all-around great cat!  She is very entertaining, loves to play with any toys and has a very special personality!

The only reason we are re-homing her is because over the past year we have discovered she does not like dogs in any shape or form.  We thought she would eventually get used to our 3-year-old pup, but unfortunately she has not. And because of her hatred of dogs, she is very stressed out. So we have made the very hard decision to find her a home where she won’t be so stressed.

 We adopted her from the Anchorage Animal Control on November 3, 2017 and it was assumed she was almost 1 year old at that time. So we just put her birthday as November 3, 2016. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all her vaccinations!
As a Lend A Paw kitty, Ella’s current caregivers will arrange the adoption.
To learn more about Ella, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228. Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application.

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