Lending A Helping Paw


Domino is a long-haired black and white tuxedo male neutered teen kitten. His brothers are Jet and Jay-Jay. They are all Lending-A-Helping-Paw kitties. See Domino’s bio below.


About this Cat

Domino is a very handsome tuxedo with white whiskers and silver hairs between his eyes. He is a long-haired guy born early in 2017. Domino and his two brothers are being offered through ACAT’s Lending-A-Helping Paw program, which helps select cats not in ACAT’s care find homes.

Domino has a very expressive face and doesn’t like to have it touched so I have to trick him with cheek rubs up to his eyes to clean them. Rescued from the landfill, he wasn’t trusting of humans for a long time. Domino is still a bit tentative, but just a quiet “it’s okay” a few times let him know he is safe. He will stop and be relaxed for a lovie or kitty cookie. When he wants extra attention he will rub on your ankles or just sit by your leg or foot and stare until you pay attention.

Always ready for a fast game of chase over the cat trees, down the hall, around the corner, over the older cats and his siblings and into the toys and off again. A dangling fuzzy has him changing course into the play basket, ball circle, bells, boxes and whatever else grabs his attention. The next moment is used for sleeping and purring. Given the gift of a loud purr he shares it a good deal of the time. He and his siblings, Jet and Jay-Jay are all loud purr bots and even when I think they are sleeping one or two are in purring mode. They all love to be brushed and Domino will reach out with his paw to stop your hand if you quit brushing too soon. A quick flop over reminds you not to miss his underside with the brush also.

Being around other cats and with siblings, having a sibling share his new home for a playmate and security would be wonderful. Domino has been neutered and is up to date on his vaccinations, rabies and is micro-chipped. For more information please contact Trish in Wasilla at 907-357-3560, or ACAT at 907-982-2228.


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