Decco is a black and white tuxedo spayed female kitten with medium hair. Her remaining littermate is Pachino and her fostering friend is Boscoe.

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About this Cat

Decco is a black-and-white tuxedo spayed female kitten with an art-deco face and an independent spirit.

Like her sister, Pachino, she is shy and playful. Decco is very close to Pachino. Where Pachino is, Decco is. She can be very timid at times, yet is very sweet once she feels comfortable. She is not a lap cat.  Like Pachino, she tolerates dogs.

Decco likes dangly toys and playing with her foster mates at her foster home in Anchorage.

Decco does not do well with children. She is very independent and really doesn’t like being held. She is perfectly fine with lounging around the house — a live piece of art.

She has her kitten shots and is spayed and microchipped. She was born June 30, 2018.

Decco is fostering in Anchorage with Tori. Reach Tori at 585-287-4171 for information on Decco and her littermates. For general information, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228. Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application.