Cate is a short-haired all black female kitten. Her sister is Lizzie. See her bio below.

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About this Cat

Cate is an all-black female kitten born mid November 2018, who will grow up to be a shorthair black cat with a sleek coat.
Although Cate starts out shy and reserved in new settings, she will quickly adapt and become your favorite cuddle buddy. She is still young and full of energy, but unlike her sister Lizzy, she prefers to observer first and then engage. When she isn’t playing, Cate is a mellow cat who enjoys being near her people. She is a very sweet girl who will make an excellent addition to any home.
Cate is very attached to her sister Lizzy, and would love to be placed in a forever home with her.
Cate is started on her kitten shots, checked for earmites, and given dewormer. For more information about Cate or to arrange a visit with her, contact foster mom Claire in Anchorage at 907-953-9695. Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application. 
For general information, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228.

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