Camry is a medium-to-long-haired tabby male kitten. His siblings/fostermates include Sienna, Avalon, Corolla, Soot, Haze and Blaze. See his bio below.

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About this Cat

Camry is a longer-haired tabby male born about 6/20/2019 in an abandoned Toyota in Palmer, and rescued as a very young kitten with his sisters.

Camry is very playful and loves snuggles.  He is a big boy who loves his food and talks a lot.  So far he has gotten along great with our other cats and older children. He is brave and shows some interest in our dog and should do okay in a home with a cat-friendly dog.

He has been dewormed and has started kitten shots.

If you have any questions about Camry, who is being fostered in Wasilla by Sally, call or text (503) 807-2936 or call ACAT at (907)982-2228 for general information. Serious inquirers are asked to fill out a pre-adopt application and to call the foster directly to set up a meeting

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