Aries is a long-haired black female kitten. Her sisters are Thalia and Thea. See her bio below.

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About this Cat

Aries is a black, longhaired, female kitten. She was born on 6/5/19 and is one of three sisters.

She has been dewormed, checked for ear mites, and started her kitten vaccines.

Aries was very shy when she was first brought to foster care and was unsure of people. Even though she still tends to be frightened of loud, abrupt noises, Aries is much more familiar with people now. She loves to play with her sisters and with her foster mom, or new friends. Her favorite kitten activities include climbing anything and everything, eating yummy wet food, and roughhousing with her sisters. If you catch her in the right mood, a little ear scratch will keep her purring for several minutes, and you might even find yourself with a cuddle buddy.

Aries tends to be the calmest, and most cuddly of her sisters. Because of Aries’ unease with new people, her ideal home would be a home without small children and with people who could spend time with her each day to develop a trusting, loving relationship with her. She would love to be adopted with her sister Thea, although she could learn to fit in in other situations as well.

Her adopters should be prepared to win her love and trust, but if you put in the time, little Miss Aries will make a fabulous addition to any home.

For more information, contact Claire in Anchorage at 907-953-9695.

Serious inquiries should include ACAT’s preadoption application.  For general information, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228.

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