ACAT Adoption Terms


  1. You will be personally responsible for the humane care, restraint and control of the animal.
  2. You will NOT declaw the cat.
  3. ACAT felines are indoor animals and are not to be left out of doors.
  4. ACAT makes no warranty regarding the animal’s disposition or health, and can only provide that information received when the animal was originally relinquished, or, what has been observed during its stay with an ACAT foster family.
  5. ACAT offers a 10-day, half-money-back, guarantee.  If, for any reason, during the first 10 days following the signing of this application, you return the animal, you will be refunded, by mail, 50% of the adoption fee, on request.  After this 10-day period, no refunds will be given.  We urge you to visit your vet during that period.
  6. You agree to keep the animal current on all vaccinations and to be responsible for any veterinary treatment the animal may require.
  7. You agree to keep the animal for its entire lifetime.  If extenuating circumstances develop and you are unable to keep the animal, you will contact ACAT for placement assistance and/or to advise of its new owner.  You will not take the cat to an animal control facility.
  8. You agree to reduce overpopulation of unwanted pets by having the (unaltered) animal spayed or neutered within 29 days of the animal turning 5 months old.
  9. You understand the alter deposit collected by ACAT on your unaltered kitten will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic of your choice when an appointment has been set, by you, to have the animal spayed or neutered. Any request for reimbursement must be made within 6 months of adoption of the pet or it is subject to forfeit. You will call or email to advise of appointment at least 4 days prior to the appointment.  Any additional cost for altering will be paid by you, the adopter.      

Alaska Cat Adoption Team accepts PayPal funds and can use PayPal for your credit card payment for adoption fees, alter deposits or deposits to hold a kitten. Use the Donate button (below, right), and use the information lines to indicate the purpose of the funds. If you need help, please call ACAT at 907-982-2228 or email us.

ACAT reserves the right to deny adoptions to any person at any time. Our first priority is the safety, welfare and well-being of the felines.