How much are adoption fees?

The usual adoption fee for a young, unaltered, kitten without blue eyes is $85, with a $5 discount for cash. For ALL unaltered kittens, there is also the $50 spay/neuter deposit, which you will recoup when you have your kitten altered. Blue-eyed kittens and other fancies are generally a $110 adoption fee. Older, unaltered kittens are less; altered kittens and adults are more.  Altered teens and adults are generally $135 for nonfancy and $160 for fancy.  Ultra fancies, like purebred, papered and rare (like male calicos) will have higher adoption fees. Select cats and some other special felines are homed for a low adoption fee. Call for specific adoption fees on individual felines.

Why pay for a kitten through an adoption group? There's no such thing as a "free" kitten. We start our kittens with dewormer, mite treatments (as needed) and vaccinations, all at appropriate ages and intervals. Older kittens and adult cats are altered and microchipped before homing. ACAT strives to get your feline off to a great start, including incurring some of those expenses you'd have to pay to raise a healthy kitten.


You are also helping other cats and kittens. Our adoption fees not only help pay for the care of your kitten or cat, they help cover vet bills for ill or injured cats, and allow us to help spay the mothers of kittens we bring into foster care. By adopting through ACAT, you help reduce the cat overpopulation problem by committing to alter your kitten and helping to fund other alters.

As a federally designated 501c3 nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers, all of the money raised through our fees and donations is used to help the cats. No one is paid and no money is used for other purposes. You can adopt and/or donate knowing the money is helping the kitties.

For information on any of our adoptable felines, contact 982-ACAT or email ACAT.  Please note there are adoption fees for all ACAT placements, and unaltered kittens require a spay/neuter deposit.


ACAT reserves the right to deny adoptions to any person at any time. Our first priority is the safety, welfare and well-being of the felines.


All adoption clinic adoptions through ACAT are subject to a 24-hour waiting period between filling out the paperwork and paying the adoption fee, and picking up your new feline. Call 982-2228 or speak to an ACAT representative at the adoption clinics for more information.

If you do not know if there are feline allergies in your household, or if you suspect anyone in your home could be allergic to cats, PLEASE spend some time with the cat of a friend or relative to determine if allergies could be a problem. It is very stressful on the kitties to be returned within the 10-day return window because of allergy issues. Do your part by doing your homework before adopting.

While ACAT will make every effort to help you rehome your ACAT kitty if there are issues beyond the 10-day return window, there may or may not be room for the foster homes to take in an adult cat you wish to surrender. It is your responsibility as an owner to treat your pet as a valued family member and resolve the problem in your home or personally seek a better home for your pet. If you are not prepared to do this, please do not adopt a kitten or cat.

 Adoption FeeAlter DepositCash Discount
Unaltered Kittens$85$50$5
Blue-eyed Unaltered Kittens$110$505
Altered Kittens & CatsVaries n/a$5
Multi-Cat Discount (2 or more cats adopted together) $20

Gift Certificates Available

A gift certificate allows your loved one to pick out a cat or kitten as your gift to him or her.
Contact ACAT about Gift Certificates: 982-2228.