About ACAT

Team on a Mission

556423 237557289693568 823654054 nOur two-pronged approach to cat rescue means we divide our efforts between finding homes for cats and education & outreach. We make every effort to be assured that a kitten homed through ACAT will never become a breeding cat.

To do this, we require a $50 deposit toward the kitten's spay or neuter. By the time the kitten is 5 months old, ACAT will be working with the new owner and his or her veterinarian to arrange and help pay for the altering surgery. The new owner may use any veterinarian or clinic he or she chooses.

When we take in kittens, we work with the owner of the mother cat to make sure she is spayed before she can get pregnant again. We help pay for spays when the owner cannot.

ACAT isn't just about helping those cats and kittens we home. It's about helping reduce the number of unwanted pets through education. ACAT teams with other rescue organizations to spread the word that pets need to be spayed and neutered before they near breeding age.

Educating about cats

bw-Kira-Kitto-cThere's a lot of misinformation out there about felines. One of the most disturbing is that cats are not sexually mature until a year old. A kitten can get pregnant at 5 months old.

ACAT is helping provide accurate information on cats, cat care and living with cats to improve the lives of both humans and cats.

Please join us in our mission. Contact us at 982-ACAT (-2228).

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